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How it all began.

For God She Lives was founded by Ebony Hunt, Gwendolyn Evans (Gwen), and Ericka Sibby, three women on fire for God, ready to impact their community. In October 2016, Ebony, Gwen, and Ericka envisioned impacting women and girls everywhere and supporting them in their faith as they navigate life’s changes. They spent three months thinking about what this meant for them, and it clicked- creating a program that caters to every woman and girl’s personal and talent development. For God, She Lives started as monthly meetings and girl chats at their local church. Girls everywhere, from partner churches, organizations, and people we know, joined our monthly meetings and engaged in conversation. Then, they began to do other things, like fun outings, career fairs, college tours, and community service programs. They reached 20 girls in the program in their first year. 


The majority of the program's population comes from single-parent, low-income households.  As educators and healthcare professionals, the three saw how many young women were disadvantaged. They did not have the resources to receive mental health and therapy services or access to someone outside of their parents to share their thoughts and build a connection. The stories we heard daily about past and present traumas and the lack of support from their communities were enough for us to continue our program. The monthly meetings gave young women an outlet to share their experiences and deepest thoughts while also fostering positive relationships with each other.


When the pandemic hit in 2020, they soon realized how meaningful their monthly conversations and meet-ups were. They began hosting virtual meetings via Zoom for the remainder of 2020. In 2021, For God She Lives met again, in person, for occasional outings. The pandemic impacted many girls' mental health and social skills, and their parents cried out for help. So, they did what we knew was needed; we created a plan to connect each mentee with a woman leader for one-on-one support. Today, For God She Lives has 18 girls matched with a mentor. 

For God She Lives received its 501(c)3 designation in December 2022. For God She Lives hope to continue our goal of building positive relationships with girls and women leaders in our community for years to come. 

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