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Our approach.

Effective mentoring is critical in how we continue to serve the young women in our communities. Our mentoring program provides personal, talent, and spiritual development opportunities.

New experiences: From career exploration with local professionals, college tours, and community service projects, our mentees are ready to take on the world and lead with love.

One-on-one mentor support: One-on-one support is essential to our approach to building positive, long-lasting relationships. Our mentors become a trusted source for their matched mentees- providing them with positive guidance and insight that will follow them in the future.

Spiritual guidance. Mentoring is ultimately a biblical idea. Although the word "mentor" is not explicitly mentioned in the bible, its principles are displayed throughout scripture. Elijah mentored Elisha, Samuel mentored David, Moses mentored Joshua, and ultimately Jesus mentored the twelve disciples. We apply biblical principles to our lessons, showing our mentees how to approach life the way Jesus did, with grace, compassion, and love.

After one full year of going through the curriculum program, the girls will be matched with a mentor. 

The facts.

Source: Bruce, M. and Bridgeland, J., 2014. The Mentoring Effect. [ebook] Boston: Mentor: The National Mentoring Partnership


youth with a mentor are more likely to engage in productive and beneficial activities


of youth who had mentors often set higher educational goals and are more likely to attend college


youth who are mentored  are least likely to become to use drugs or alcohol


of youth who are mentored are more likely to become mentors themselves

Mentorship in action.

One-on-one sessions

Girls are matched with a mentor for one-on-one guidance and support.

Meeting involvement 

Mentors are encouraged to attend at least 3 mentee meetings their first year to become acclimated with the program. 

Mentor training + resources

Mentors participate in training & workshops to build on their relational and communication skills as they navigate positive influences in their mentee's life. 

Mentor qualifications.

Make an impact in your community and begin your journey of leadership and servanthood.

For more information or questions about mentorship opportunities, email Gwendolyn Evans at

Please review our requirements below before sending your inquiry.


Be an active member at your local church and located in Charlotte, NC


Must be at least  21 years old 


Must pass a background check 


 Be willing to spend at least 3 hours a month with her mentee


Attend 3 mentee meetings your first year as a mentor  


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